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Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time there was a princess named Sleeping Beauty. Actually her name was something else, but nobody remembers what. She was too nice and too good looking, so someone got jealous and tried to kill her, but because she was strong and healthy she just fainted. But she knew that too much sleep makes you puffy and besides, she had better things to do, so she got up and started a company while waiting for the prince, and when he finally came she was doing well on her own, but she liked him anyway, so they lived happily.

traffic software

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Stressful grocery shopping

In the grocery store was one more person I didn't want to meet. I think he had grown roots because he stayed put forever. I waited outside in my car for a while, but finally lost patience and left. Went to another store instead. (Did I say that I hate supermarkets?) Gathered up a thing or two there and then I suddenly saw another person that I absolutely did not want to talk to. (The third such person on the same day!) I hope nobody saw me coming around the corner and catch sight of this lady because I stopped ...

robot cleaner

I have decided to hire a house cleaner. I placed an ad yesterday and I already have three responses. Next week I'll be interviewing people for the position... Hi, I'm back! It's been a week Since I told you I was going to hire a house cleaner, and I did. This is Rob. He got the job. He's the most reliable house cleaner ever. In fact, he never fails. He didn't come cheap, but I'm convinced that I got the right guy for the job. I just sent him on a tour of the house, to case the joint, so ...